Lead Agent/Operator

Lead Agent/Operator


Lead Agent/Operator

Details of the offer

Job Summary
The Lead Operators are the coordinators and problem-solvers on the Digital Assembly Line (DAL).
Minimum Qualification:
Experience Level:
Mid level
Experience Length:
3 years
Job Description
What the Lead Operator does
Coordinates labour on the Digital Assembly Line.
- Example: Assess the needs of an incoming client request, determine what skill sets are needed to complete the task, assign to Operators with that existing skill set, drive the process to completion.
Operates complex processes.
- A Lead Agent is skilled enough to scope out and solve more complex client requests on their own without additional direction or oversight. This may include web scraping, lead generation, or using advanced scripts and tools.
- Example: a Lead Agent will generate a list of potential sales leads for a given company in a given market. They will coordinate additional agents to help complete the work.
Communicates with clients.
- A lead agent will communicate to the client according to the instructions of a process. Much of this communication is templated in a process, but it will stray from the instructions from time-to-time and the lead operator will need to create a unique response. When communicating to a client, a lead operator will have to write in the voice of the client’s synthetic Assistant's voice, and not in the operator’s own voice.
- Example: John Keats is the assistant for client Francis Pedraza. When responding to Francis, the operator will have to be communicating in the voice of John Keats.
Gives feedback.
A lead agent gives feedback on process instructions to other agents, who upgrades the process based on that feedback. This feedback can be proactive from the operator seeing potential improvements, or reactive from the operator making an implicit mistake that can be avoided with clearer instructions.
- Proactive Example: an operator realizes that two steps involving navigating a website can be consolidated into one step, with a link leading to the desired destination. The operator will give the builder constructive feedback and offer a suggestion on how to upgrade the process.
- Reactive Example: an operator uses the wrong format to name a calendar event, but it was never stated to use that format in the process. The operator will then let the builder know of this mistake and offer a suggestion on how to upgrade the process.
Tracks time.
A lead agent tracks the time it takes for them to operate an instance of a specific process AND quality checks the time tracking of agents assigned to work with them.
Tracks work.
A lead agent tracks every instance of process operation for a specific client in the client’s dashboard—located in a Google Sheet and directs work for other operators. The lead agent also logs any mistake they make and any preference the client sets.
- Example: an operator will track the name of the prime, process, and specific instance, along with start and end dates, and the minutes it took to complete the instance; the lead agent will check up on the operator’s quality of work and ensure that time tracking is accurate.
Desire and drive to learn
Proven work experience as a team leader or supervisor
Project Management Experience
Experience in Sales
Knowledge of Google Sheets
Excellent communication and leadership skills
Organizational and time-management skills
Decision-making skills
Analytical and Problem Solving Skills
Listen to team members’ feedback and resolve any issues or conflicts
Provide constructive feedback
3-5 years experience lead generation, Project management and Office / G-suite tools
Ability to learn from instructions and mistakes.
Internet connection of at least 15mbps
Participate in video calls and share their screens on these calls.
Work for at least 40 hours a week and work for at least 5 days a week
Be punctual to team-wide meetings; these are not every day and are most often between 7am-9am PST.



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